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作者:  发布时间:2020-05-22 12:38:55   来源:人才与国际交流办公室   


On 2020/5/20, Professor Supeng Leng, the Vice dean of the School of Information and Communication Engineering at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), visited this School’s international students in their dorms at the university’s New Campus, to visit them and talk to them about the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic.


He appreciated them for obeying the regulations of the People’s republic of China on the prevention and control of COVID-19 and observing the measures put up by the university to keep everyone on campus safe. He emphasized that even if the situation is getting better, students ought to keep staying alert and keep following preventive guidelines in order to win the battle against COVID-19. At present, there are about 70 international students staying on the campus and they have all been advised to stay within the university premises unless with a special case to go out of the university.The university has set up online channels by which students can continue taking their classes during the epidemic period. Prof. Leng commended that students should take their studies seriously and persevere in attending online classes as scheduled.


Afterwards, he went ahead to check on where the students have been cooking their food and engaged in in-depth communication with some of the students about their meals in the school and the disinfection and protection of the dorm area.


Finally, each student was offered a package containing anti-virus products to continue safe-guarding against COVID-19. As a way to mark memories, Prof. Leng took a group photo with the students.

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